Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We are back!

Hello there! Yes we are finally back. It was a great summer and a rough summer. I went through some medical problems that unfortunately kept me from my blog for some time. I am feeling so much better, and I want to thank all of you, that knew what I was going through, for your prayers and phone calls. Mom thanks for coming down and helping me out!!! You're the best!!

Well, alot of stuff has happened. Where to begin. Sara turned 19 and Anthony turned 7. We decided to go away for Anthony's birthday. We went to the Atlanta Aquarium and the Coke Factory. Both were a blast. We had high expectations of the aquarium so we were a bit disappointed. But we had no expectations of the Coke factory so we were pleasantly suprised. Isn't that how it goes?

We had some fun times with friends and had them over for swim parties. We have recently had many problems with our pool chemicals. We have poured hundreds of dollars of chemicals and still have had problems with algae. We get our pool water tested and do what the pool professionals tell us to do, but to no avail, GREEN!!! AGH!! So we are debating whether it would be more financially wise to switch to salt water system or hire a pool guy next year. There are pros and cons. So we must do our research. Anyway, we hope to get it in good shape again soon so we can enjoy the last few weeks of hot weather outdoors in the pool.

We didn't get hit with any bad weather from the recent hurricanes, yeah! But we did have a few tornado warnings when my mom was here. So we spent some time hiding in the bathroom :)

But for the most part it has been a good summer, all things considered.

We started homeschooling 5 weeks ago and are progressing fairly well. (So long as mom can stay patient with her distracted students.) For the most part, we are keeping up with our schedule and still making time for outdoor activities and homeschool field trips.

Peter is an adorable 17 month old now. He is about 30 pounds and struts about the house looking for something to get into. He is learning some words and is just a bundle of cuteness and fun.

Nicolas and Anthony are playing soccer this fall. They are having alot of fun and doing alot of running! Luther is up to first class in Boy Scouts and working on other requirements to get him to Eagle. Sara has been better with her fibromyalgia pain these days (thanks to God). She is a big help with Peter and she keeps the boys in line. She has daily challenges from her condition but she tries not to let that stop her from doing what she can to help the family. Please keep her in your prayers for further health improvement. She wants to do so much more. Tom is loving his job and doing very well on his current projects.