Thursday, May 16, 2013

Photo Walls

So I was all excited that I am going to start blogging again and then my laptop breaks. So I didn't have it for a while and was not motivated to use our desktop since it is a bit of a dinosaur and slow for uploading pictures. Not to mention that the photo drive doesn't work.

 I got this great idea today on hanging photos and making Photo Walls. I got it from this website:

I can't wait to start this fun summer project. I am going to start loading photos from my phone and camera and place my Shutterfly order. I will post photos of my Photo Wall as soon as I have one done. It will probably not be until June since we are leaving for NY and PA next week for vacation.

Please share any photo projects you complete on my comments so we can take a look.

On May 25th, Tom's brother is being ordained a Priest in the Catholic Church. We are so excited and my son Luther(20) will be flying in to NY for the Ordination and to visit with us. We haven't seen him since last June so almost a year! He's in the Navy.

Well that's all for now. Will post photos as soon as I get some loaded onto this new laptop.
We are looking forward to jumping into our pool very soon!! Have a Happy Summer!!!