Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Fun Family Fotos

As many of you know, we are bad about getting family photos at a studio. So when we saw an opportunity to get some photos done at the local Sam's Club, we took advantage. LOL! Here is a sneak preview.

Family photos will be sent in the mail soon.

Coke Museum

We went to the Coke Museum this summer. It was part of our day trip to Atlanta. It was a real neat place to go. We enjoyed tasting soft drinks from around the world. They also had a theatre where they played vintage and modern Coca Cola commercials.

The boys had fun jumping off steps.

Atlanta Aquarium

We went in June to celebrate Anthony's birthday. Here are just a few pics for you to enjoy.

Yummy Peach!

As you can see Peter loves fruit!

Luther Reaches First Class

Luther is now a First Class Boy Scout. He's got a way to go to become Eagle, but he is working hard and enjoying the steps.
He went on two week long campouts this summer and a few weekend ones. He has more fun weekend campouts coming up this fall as well. He will get to enjoy canoeing and white water rafting. It makes me nervous, but we have to let go sometime and trust God with our precious children.

Nanny's visit

My dear mother in law(from my first marriage) came to visit us this summer. It was a short but sweet visit and we were so happy she could make the trip down. She was recovering from a brown recluse spider bite, which made her not feel well. But she was a trooper and even took a dip in the pool!As you can see, Peter has a hard time adjusting to new people.

Peter's Surgery

Since about the age of six months, Peter has had recurrent ear infections. Unfortunately, this summer the pattern continued and after a consultation with an Ear,Nose, and Throat specialist, we decided to go ahead with Ear Tube surgery.
Peter looked so cute in his little hospital gown. He was very good and was actually in a good mood until the nurse carried him away for his sugery. Thankfully it was all over within 25 minutes and he did great. He was cranky for a couple of hours, but with a little Tylenol and alot of loving, he was feeling better by lunchtime.
We feel that the surgery has been a success. Peter has not had an ear infection since his sugery over 2 months ago and he even had a cold which usually triggers them. We are thankful to the Lord for a great outcome all around.