Thursday, June 28, 2007

Pool Party

Today I had a few friends over for a pool party. We recently bought a house with a pool. This southern summer heat called for it. All the moms have sons, so there were no girls. Well except for my oldest daughter and the moms :-) Let's see, we had 14 boys ages, 16 and under in the pool and 1 young lady helping to supervise.

Anyway, we had a fun time. I grilled some hot dogs and served watermelon, pink lemonade and chocolate chip cookies. Everyone else brought something to share and there was plenty to eat. We had a lovely time and talked about where we are from and what we are going to be doing this summer. Since we are all homeschooling moms we also talked about home education and how we want it to be more fun for us and the children. We talked about the books we are reading and the children swam and ate then swam some more.

It started to rain but was still very sunny out so we let the children stay in the pool. Then about half an hour later there was a huge loud rumble of thunder and they all ran out of the pool! It was a funny site to see. We sent them back to take the toys out of the pool and then it was about time to go. It was a fun afternoon and I am glad we decided to buy a house with a pool. It is a great way to entertain and fellowship.

Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of our day. But here is a picture of our pool. We are planning another get together next week before I leave to go to the beach with my family.

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Artistamom said...

What a beautiful pool- just right for that southern climate! glad to hear you are getting a lot of use out of it.