Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Our House- Part 1

We recently purchased a house and we have had several requests to post some pictures of our home. Our home has 4 bedrooms, living room, dining room, eat in kitchen, family room, screened in patio, 2 car garage, carport, pool and a decent yard. We hope to plant a garden in the spring.

Here is the patio and view of one side of the yard. See all the trees that provide lovely shade for us during these hot and humid summer days. Our yard is very long but not wide. There is a shed at the one end, you can see it in the back of this picture. It is actually located to the far right of our yard. The back of the house is located to the right in this picture.

Here we are in the back patio. We recently had it screened in. This is how it looks now.

This is the view as soon as you enter and look to the right. This is the formal living room and to the back is the formal dining room. I plan on painting this room a light bluish-gray color. We got this lovely set of living room furniture at "Rooms To Go". It was so easy to put together because it was all right there put together for you. My kind of decorating!

This is our formal dining room. It is very comfortable and plenty of seating. I plan on changing the wall color. It's a bit too pink for me. I'd like to give it a warmer color like a terra cotta or something like that. It's one of those many things on our "To Do" list.

Here is the kitchen. It has a little breakfast nook with three windows that lets in more light. It's not a sunny room since it is towards the back of the house where all the trees are. But it is nice and cozy.

We hope you all have a fun and explosive "Fourth of July". We sure will miss going to Long's Park for the fireworks show and having a cookout with our dear family and friends. We plan on grilling a marinated pork butt and making some Spanish rice and beans. Not your traditional holiday food, but yummy nonetheless.

At this time we would like to remember my dear cousing Julio E. Negron, who was born on the 4th of July, but died serving his country in Iraq two years ago on February 28th. Thank you Julio for your sacrifice and may you rest in peace with our Lord in heaven.

And thank you my baby brother, for currently serving in the military. We appreciate your sacrifice and we love you dearly! May the Lord protect you and take care of your family while you work to protect us and our Country!

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Anonymous said...

ooh- beautiful house. I can't get over the kitchen- it's huge!! eerything looks huge. What a great idea screening in the porch and the new furniture looks beautiful!!