Sunday, August 12, 2007

Trip to Callaway Gardens

We went on a little trip last week to GA. It was only about an hour and a half away. We went to Callaway Gardens. It was so much fun. The only difficulty about the trip was the heat. It was well over a hundred degrees each day. But we saw some really neat things.
We went to a butterfly garden and here is what we saw.
We also saw a flying circus. They have students from Fl. come every summer and perform. It was so hot that we poured bottled water on our heads to stay cool. I don't know how the performers could handle the heat but they did great.
Here are some of the beautiful flowers we saw. We also saw some turtles, snakes and many fish in the ponds and lakes at Callaway.


Artistamom said...

Beautiful!!! love the picts. Sounds like you had a nice time- I can't imagine the heat!!!

Anonymous said...

Luke enjoyed looking at the pictures of the butterfly and flowers. I'm glad you had a great trip. Love, Lori