Saturday, October 13, 2007

Unexpected Trip

Towards the end of September we made a last minute trip to NY to visit Tom's parents and family. Tom's dad had surgery to remove cancerous tumors. He did very well with the surgery. Tom's brother's and mom were great at keeping us updated on dad's condition. There was bad news the next day and dad had to have another surgery. He did fine with the second surgery, but suffered a terrible blood infection. He was in critical condition and we really didn't know for sure whether he was going to survive. They called it sepsis.
We then decided that we should go and see dad. Thankfully he got better from the infection and unfortunately got another mysterious infection. By God's grace he recovered from the second infection and began to slowly recover.

It was an emotional "roller coaster" as Tom's mom would say. One minute he appeared to be doing better then a set-back. But thanks to God, our supplication through prayer, and dad's fighting spirit, he has pulled through and is now off his ventilator and eating and moving. Our God is always good, but He was especially good this time to all. He spared dad. Now dad is cancer free and should, Lord willing, recover fully and go home. We pray for him daily that he continue to improve and that there be no more set-backs to his recovery.

So the trip to NY was sudden and a bit stressful and sad, but was also full of joy in seeing dad recover, and reconnecting with family members we hadn't seen in over a year or since Christmas.
We will certainly miss everyone while we are away again!

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