Monday, November 26, 2007

Long time no write...

Daddy and Peter preparing for thier Thanksgiving Feast.

Hello everybody! Sorry it's been so long since I updated. We have been busy as you can imagine. With doctor/dentist appointments, homeschool activities, home-schooling, baby care, pet and house care, laundry etc.... You know what I mean!

Our Thanksgiving was very nice and quiet. We enjoyed a lovely meal here at home together, just the seven of us and of course Kia catching all the droppings and leftovers that she could. We decided we wanted a quiet simple day of thanks giving. We went around the table and we each gave thanks for something.

Today is a very rainy day, which we need. So we will probably do a lot of extra reading, and laundry, and eat homemade turkey soup that I made with what was left of our turkey. I just boiled the bones in water with whatever meat was left on the bones. I added celery, onion, salt, pepper, and poultry seasoning. I simmered for an hour or so. Then I removed the bones, and picked the meat off the turkey. I added a bag of bow tie pasta with veggies from Schwan's and two diced potatoes. Simmered till tender and add the picked turkey. Yummy! Good with sour dough or crusty bread.

Peter is sitting all by himself now and is still teething so he gets fussy. But we have so many extra sets of arms that he doesn't have to fuss for very long before someone comes to his rescue. He is sleeping much better these nights. He was getting up almost every two hours, when the teething was painful, to nurse but is back to sleeping from about 9 p.m. till about 5 or almost 6 a.m. NICE!!

Speaking of teeth, Anthony just lost his third tooth. He all ready lost the bottom two and now has lost his top tooth. He was trying to whistle with the hole left, but it isn't working. Anthony also informed me this morning that elephants are afraid of mice. I wonder where he got that idea :) Kids say the funniest things.


Artistamom said...

Your pictures are so wonderful- thanks for posting them. I can't believe how big your little Peter is getting... and what a cutie!!!

We mised you all so much this holiday. I hope to see you soon.

Love you!

Marisol said...

Hey Chris, Mindy pointed out I have never left a message on her blog. I didn't know you both left one for me until I was trying to work on my own. So Sorry for never commenting on your blog. The pictures are so great!!! I share them when I speak to you but now I'll be able to say what I think immediately. love u! Marisol

Anonymous said...

What a cutie Peter is!!!


Ceemetalk said...

Thanks for the comments and we missed you all this Thanksgiving. I will try to post many pictures of our holidays so we won't feel too disconnected during this time. Chris

Anonymous said...

The baby is cute but oh my, the father, dare me, I pity you dear!