Friday, December 28, 2007

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Like Thanksgiving day, it was quiet around our house. We had an enjoyable Christmas day listening to Christmas music, opening presents, eating and making merry. Well, as merry as you can when you are so far away from all your dear family and friends up north. The children seemed to really enjoy their Christmas gifts and didn't seem to mind it too much that there was no snow.

This year was also touched with some concern and sadness for our nephew Chris. Please say a prayer for Chris and his family, as he was hit by a car and is in stable yet critical condition. For his privacy I will not say too much but he really needs your prayers for a full recovery. We are grateful that he is still with us, and pray that he will continue to strengthen and improve.

I am ending the year with a lovely full blown cold. UGH! It's the kind of cold that knocks you down and drags you out. So I had to take a nap today. Naps for me are like 20 minutes, lol!
But they are helpful and refreshing.

It's 70 degrees out today and cloudy. I really must say I like the winter weather here in the south. It is so nice and mild. We have a possibility of tornadoes from now until the spring. We had watches all day, but nothing came, thankfully. Anthony gets very excited about tornado watches and warnings. He keeps us posted everytime he hears something on the radio or t.v.

One of my favorite gifts was this lovely craft book. I have enjoyed getting back into sewing and making a few things. My first project from the book was this cute pin cusion made out of scrap material. It was "sew" easy. This book is great because it separates the projects by the estimated amount of time it will take, such 2-4 hour gifts, 4-8 hour, etc... If I start now, I should be able to make everyone a little something for Christmas 2008!


Stephanie said...

Happy holidays Chris! Hope you start to feel better soon!

Marisol said...

I can't wait to see all of your great work. Feel better!!!
Love you and miss you dearly!!!!

Anonymous said...

We miss you all. While living here has been a blessing in many ways, our work, our parish, our Pastor, we feel intense longing for our loved ones! Yet, our hope is a hope beyond just the here and now, thus, we have confidence that on that great Day we shall share in the Communion of the Life Eternal with God. Even now through the Most Holy Eucharist, especially the Sacrifice of the Mass, we share a union more sure and more profound than even when we are co-present as space and time go. Keep us in your prayers as we do all of you.

nancy said...

wow!I can't beleive that the kids are so big god bless.keep up the good work.Take care God Bless love always your sis nancy