Thursday, January 17, 2008

Getting Crafty

Here are some of the latest projects I have worked on since Nov.07. I am currently working on a baby quilt for my newest nephew due in April.

18 inch quilt pillow made with beautiful Heather Bailey fabric.

Reversable baby blanket with ribbon edge. I made two of these. One for Peter and one for youngest nephew Giovanni.

Patchwork purse I made for Sara for Christmas.

Purl frogs I made for the boys.


Mindy said...

You are SOOOO talented, Chris!! that blanket is beautiful- I bet the babies will love looping their little fingers on the soft ribbon too- great touch! My favorite frog is the one with the map fabric- looks like a designer Bennetton :0) You could probably sell them on ETSY!

Marisol said...

Love the patterns! I'll have to place my order soon.

Chris said...

Thanks gals. Nicolas picked the map fabric. It's funny, I have had that fabric sitting around literally for over 7 years. I knew that someday I would use it! I have been pulling out my old fabrics and finding new fun uses for them. Glad you liked!

Anonymous said...

I love the blanket w/the ribbons on the side!! Ezra loves to play w/the tags on his blankets, he would go nuts with that one!! Too cute!