Saturday, March 15, 2008

Flu, flu, go away!

We are finally over the flu. It was horrible. Poor Peter is on his third ear infection. Hopefully his last for a while. Today Nicolas has an earache, but no one has flu or cold symptoms. It was a rough couple of weeks. This flu caused our fevers to shoot up to as high as 103.8 and higher for the little ones. Thankfully Tom stayed healthy throughout the ordeal.

Hopefully we will stay healthy for the rest of Spring. Speaking of which, spring is definitely here. It was 78 degrees yesterday and has stayed in the 70's for a few days now. We hope the weather continues to stay lovely for my sister's visit next week! We can't wait to see them. We haven't seen them since Thanksgiving 06'. They will finally get to meet Peter, who is now ten and a half months old.


Anonymous said...

I love seeing his adorable cheeks! How cute. I am so glad Mindy is going to visit you. YOu all have a great time visiting and enjoying this glorious Easter Holiday. Have a great week! Marisol

Chris said...

Thanks Marisol. We just wish that you and your dear family could be here too! Miss you and have a Blessed Easter!